Our collections

Our collections

A history of French iconic fashion


Live your life as in a movie.

We’re passionate about cinema, this 7th Art which makes characters and styles iconic.

Steve McQueen’s jeans, Alain Delon’s shirts, Jean-Paul Belmondo’s jacket are our inspirations to make men the heroes of their own fictions.

We praise these cultural references and this sophisticated and singular elegance all charismatic men have.






Our Iconics are improved and extended year after year: as essential and timeless pieces of clothing, they’ve proven their worth in the Balibaris wardrobe. To name only a few: our Paolo jacket, our Paul chino trousers, our College shirt, our Legend sweatshirt.

Four collections per year are accompanied by our Iconics. We are issuing new pieces, new silhouettes inspired by Zeitgeist, without giving up our pursuit of timelessness. New shapes, new fabrics, new details, new colors, there is an immense field of possibilities which we play with each and every year in order to choose the perfect assortments for our customers.

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