Our story

Our story

As a student, Paul Szczerba longed for an every day life of creativity and entrepreneurship.
This and the will to shape his perfect wardrobe gave birth to Balibaris in 2010.

Looking for the perfect balance

«Items of clothing that are easy to wear, adapt to your lifestyle, and that you would want to keep wearing over the years, this dream was at the very root of Balibaris.

When I first started working, I realised that these clothes that I wanted to wear in and outside the office, didn’t exist. Why not imagine them myself?

It all started with a collection of ties which found an enthusiastic response among those who, like me, wanted to get back to timeless looks and cherish good taste and common sense in fashion.

Over the years, the ideal closet built and filled itself with the will to find the right balance, be it in the shapes, fabrics or the origins of the items. Why should one choose between quality, transparency and price? On the contrary, Balibaris is meant to make style and good taste easygoing and affordable, as well as life easier. Indeed, in a way, the perfect shirt can help in having a better day.

And more than clothes, I want to rally the Balibaris community around a certain kind of lifestyle, made of enthusiasm, openness and curiosity.»

Paul Szczerba

Sound advice

Getting closer to our customers and giving them the best advice on how to wear and keep up their clothes have always been a priority for Balibaris, both on the web and in the shops.
The first shop at the heart of Le Marais in Paris was followed by another fifty in France, before expanding to United Kingdom and Luxemburg in 2019.

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