Tailoring is an art and one thing is completely independent of another. For suits, we use what is called "cool wool", a fabric with very fine, highly breathable threads, which keep heat in in winter and let heat out in summer. The difference in quality depends on the finesse of the fibres used. "Super 120s" wool is finer than "Super 100s" wool. This fabric guarantees a perfect fit.


Dry-cleaning is recommended for suits, but not very frequently. Two or three times a year is sufficient as solvents tend to damage the fabric. As for ironing, steaming is preferable. If you have a traditional iron, do not bring the iron into direct contact with the suit or you will burn the fibres. Place a towel between the two.

When you are not using your suit, brush it after wearing with a soft brush and leave it in a cool place on a wide hanger to avoid distorting the shape. When travelling, opt for a breathable cover to let bad smells out.

Our Broadcloth
  • 136,50 €

    Navy wool trousers with elasticated waistband

    The Steven trousers offer a new, very contemporary take on classic trousers and feature an elasticated waistband. Here they come in a navy blended wool fabric mix for a key piece that brilliantly combines classic style with a modern feel and promises comfortable, sophisticated looks. Timothé measures 1.88 m and is wearing a size 31.  

    136,50 €
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