Cashmere originated from a very fine Indian fabric woven from the hairs of goats from Kashmir or Tibet. From the 18th century, Europeans were charmed by the finesse and elegance of this fabric, which they used to make shawls. 
Nowadays, China followed by Mongolia are the main cashmere producers because Kashmir goats live in very specific weather conditions. 

Cashmere comes from the Kashmir goat, originally from the Tibetan highlands. To protect itself from very cold winter weather, it developed a thick woolly fleece on top of its summer coat. Cashmere wool is obtained from the goat's down. When the temperatures rise at the end of winter, the goats moult. They are then brushed to collect the wool which is washed to remove impurities. 

Cashmere is a high-quality fabric often used to make jumpers because it will keep you warm in winter.


Cashmere is a very expensive wool and must be looked after with care. 
We recommend that you do not wear a cashmere garment for several days in a row to give the fibres time to rest. We also recommend washing cashmere garments in a laundry bag, on a cold "wool" cycle, using a special wool detergent. Then dry flat on a terry cloth towel, away from heat and light. The garment's shape will be restored.

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