End-by-end Wool

End-by-end Wool


An end-on-end fabric is usually a poplin where the colour of warp and weft threads is alternated for a nuanced finish. From far away, the fabric looks plain but close up the subtleties of the weave are visible and ensure discreet character. On suits for example, we generally alternate between navy blue and a lighter blue, or dark grey and light grey, which creates marl colours, an alternative to traditional plain finishes.


Care depends on the fabric. For an end-on-end cotton shirt, we recommend washing at a maximum of 30° and avoiding tumble-drying. Tip: dry the shirt on a hanger to make ironing easier.

For wool suits, dry-cleaning is recommended but less frequently (2 to 3 times is sufficient) as solvents tend to damage the fabric. As for ironing, steaming is preferable. If you have a traditional iron, do not bring the iron into direct contact with the suit or you will burn the fibres. Place a towel between the two.

When you are not using your suit, brush it after wearing with a soft brush and leave it in the cool on a wide hanger to avoid distorting the shape. When travelling, opt for a breathable cover to let bad smells out.



End-on-end suits are always present in our collections. They provide the subtly cool and elegant touch that we appreciate.

Our End-by-end Wool Suits
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