Red Selvedge Denim

Red Selvedge Denim


"Selvedge" is in fact an abbreviation of "self-finished edge". The expression refers to denim whose edges have been strengthened with piping to avoid fraying. Traditionally the piping is red, thus the expression "Red selvedge".

We often talk about Japanese denim because the country of the rising sun is the largest supplier of this fabric, but selvedge is originally American; Japanese manufacturers quickly imported Levi jeans to copy them.

Selvedge canvas is set apart from traditional denim by perfectly finished piping, greater thickness and therefore greater durability, and finally by a specific dying process producing a deep blue with a subtle sheen.

Very versatile, it will easily match any outfit. Turning up jeans to reveal the red piping on the reverse means showing your appreciation of quality.


To ensure the canvas keeps its colour for as long as possible, we recommend delaying the first wash for as long as possible, then spacing out washes. This process will also allow the canvas to naturally adopt the shape of the wearer. It should be washed at a maximum of 30°C on a delicate cycle, the spin cycle minimised, and the jeans always turned inside out. Avoid ironing.  

The tip for avoiding bad smells between two washes: leave the jeans inside out in the fresh air during the night.



Our jeans made from red selvedge will develop a patina over time when worn for unique, authentic finishes.

Our Red Selvedge Denim
  • 72,50 €

    Vintage Denim

    Cut from Japanese selvedge denim, featuring red and white edging, our jeans are made with the utmost care in our Portuguese workshops, where they undergo a “stone wash” process creating the perfect fading.  The slim fit, tapered from the knee, delivers a very contemporary look.  

    72,50 €
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  • 145 €

    Red Selvedge Indigo

    Crafted in Red Selvedge denim, the Mick jeans are produced with meticulous care in our factories and ensures a highly contemporary look. The dense raw cloth becomes more supple over time, and will develop a patina with wear to produce a perfect, unique, personalised stone-washed look.

    145 €
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