Our History

An easy to wear piece of clothing, easy to make it yours, that we would like to keep through the seasons… Balibaris was born with this desire.
The story opened when I started in active life and discovered my trendy dreamed male wardrobe - which would follow me at work to the weekend - did not exist at all. Then, why not imagining it by my own? A first collection of tie was born, that rushed this must have.

After the enthusiastic welcoming to this first experiment, we built a complete “perfect wardrobe” to everyone who – like me – wants to reconnect with a timeless look, with the tradition of the beautiful basics, the good taste and common sense.
What did lead me? The desire of accuracy, as it may in the research of cuts, materials or the origins of our items. Why should we have to choose between quality, manufacturing transparency and price? My niche is an affordable chic that makes life easy. In some way, the perfect shirt can help us having a better day. And today, beyond clothes, it is all a community I want to create around a Balibaris life style. The life style of enthusiasm, sharing and curiosity.

Paul Szczerba

« I imagined Balibaris for myself, for all my friends, for this new generation of men who follow fashion without being victims, who love to seduce without falling in the “showing off”, who have good tastes, humor and culture and who are looking for a personalized wardrobe: active, versatile, both chic and cool.”»


« A correctly dosed modernity, basics that are remarkable, revisited classics: it is this subtle balance between fashion details and timeless spirit that defines the right position of Balibaris. A wardrobe that continues beyond the seasons but never falling in the futility and seduced all men of all styles and all ages.»


The very essence of one style

With cuts both simples and trendy, Balibaris items are essentials of everyday for all men. They offer the guarantee of the “well-dressed”, an easy to wear outfit without taste error. With them, this is also the guarantee of a particular attention to an excellent value for money with the best product quality, always right and judicious.

Materials & Quality

Balibaris takes care of the quality of its products: noble materials with a real know-how (Italy, Japan…) and pieces made in Europe (Portugal…) always researching the best final price for its clients. 

« More than an outlet, our boutiques are places of life and sharing. They are made to become like “the place to be” in their area… »


To conclude

Why “clothe” couldn’t become a synonym of “values”? Balibaris offers a wardrobe of good stuff that always guarantees the right way: items with perfect cuts, materials of quality, meticulous details.
Between timeless and modernity, classicism and trendy, Balibaris finds the right balance. For a real elegance that never falls into the caricature and offers to men the ability to be themselves, simply.
With Balibaris, we can create a perfect wardrobe, flexible be that is it may the moments of life, trends of fashion and moods.
A transparent manufacturing, good advices in boutique, best balance between price and quality, this is the values of Balibaris.
Beyond fashion, sophistication is a state of mind. Balibaris is a real label: men can find them in it, women validate it and all a community is emerging around these values of curiosity, sincerity and interaction.

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