Balibaris is celebrating its 10th anniversary


Let's seize the opportunity to celebrate the long way by your side until today. All year long, we will try to surprise you.

A year full of surprises

The very beginnings of Balibaris

Nice fabrics, subtle shades, sharp cuts, casual and comfortable but chic clothes you could match and wear in any circumstance for years. This looks like a simple equation, though such an ideal closet didn't exist ten years ago.

For lack of finding this in the existing offer, either too casual or to edgy, Paul Szczerba decided to create it from scratch: first ties sold on a transient website, whose success gave birth to a whole collection of nice basics, timeless pieces with subtles details, meant to go from the office to the weekend and to acquire a unique patina over time.

This entrepreneurial adventure gathers a team committed to its mission of renewing menswear, suppliers who share our demand for quality and faithful customers who are seeking in our collections the certainty their style is perfectly right.

«Over the years, the ideal closet built and filled itself with the will to find the right balance, be it in the shapes, fabrics or the origins of the items. Why should one choose between quality, transparency and price?»

Paul Szczerba, Founder

Common sense at the heart of our approach

Since our very beginnings, common sense is at the heart of our approach: timeless pieces, high-quality fabrics, near-import production and collaboration with our suppliers to limit our impact on the environment. This state of mind was structured to get more efficient and named "Together", as both the prerequisite for achieving the goals we pursue and a leitmotif to encourage ourselves to reach further as one.

Discover our commitments


After the e-shop, the first physical store opened in 2012 Rue de Marseille, along Canal Saint Martin in Paris. 50 other stores and corners followed in France, Luxemburg and the UK.

Softened light, antique furniture, warm welcome and sound advice: our shops and corners are meant to be real living spaces in the neighbourhood and meeting grounds between you and us. There, we listen to you and build with you the most adapted outfits.

We cherish this special bond and have always made the most to maintain it for ten years with the highest quality and best service.


From clothes to lifestyle

We design our collections as an artistic experience through our universe, from the first sketches to photography by Thierry des Ouches, and the store experience.

Explore our universe

We also imagine objects with invited brands such as
Ciment Paris, Royalties, Martone or Veja,
all of which you can find in our shops and corners and also online.





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